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Delivery Velocity – cutting through the fog

As global IT faces the new digital era, how is this affecting their workload? Recent studies make interesting reading, as Derek Britton discovers [more]


A Call Centre Christmas Carol

Helen Withington from Micro Focus emulates (pun intended) a classic seasonal tale. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or Terminal, is purely coincidental. Call Center...[more]


Neuerungen für ADS on Eclipse und SCOUT² verfügbar

Für unsere Entwicklungsplattformen ADS on Eclipse und SCOUT² haben wir neue Release-Updates bereitgestellt, die den Arbeitskomfort steigern und mit denen das Verstehen der Delta-Anwendungen weiter erleichtert wird. Ihnen stehen...[more]


LVM Versicherung startet Proof of Concept mit AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I

Nicht wenige Unternehmen haben ihre geschäftskritischen Kernanwendungen in PL/I entwickelt. Auch wenn diese im Laufe der Zeit immer größer und komplexer geworden sind, wird erwartet, dass sie schnell und sicher an neue fachliche...[more]


Erfolgreiche Wege zur Ablösung von IBM IMS-Datenbanken

Alte Datenbank-Technologie verursacht hohe Kosten und erschwert die Nutzung neuer Technologien für zentrale IT-Anwendungen. Darüber hinaus gibt es immer weniger Entwickler und Systemtechniker für die alte Technologie. Das gilt...[more]


Newsletter November 2014

Sehr geehrte Delta-Interessenten, Ablösung alter Datenbanktechnologie, besseres Verständnis von PL/I-Anwendungen, Entwicklung von Data Access Servern: Unsere Werkzeuge helfen Ihnen Kosten und Risiken zu senken. Endlich weg von...[more]


Untangling the web: modernizing complex legacy application systems

Kadi Grigg from Micro Focus introduces the Enterpise Analyzer product and dicusses the critical role 'application intelligence' tooling can play in complicated Federal legacy application modernization projects. [more]


AMELIO Logic Discovery - für PL/I

Es ist schwierig und kostspielig, große und komplexe Anwendungen zu verstehen. Das wirkliche Verständnis der Anwendungen ist jedoch entscheidend für viele Projekte im Rahmen der Modernisierung, des Outsourcings, der...[more]


Low-risk Modernization – an Insurers best policy?

Big business faces big challenges and embracing future needs and customer demand is no easy thing, especially with so much complexity within IT. A recent article in the insurance industry press introduced the possibility that...[more]


COBOL programmers: Skill up and save time…

Melissa Burns from Micro Focus introduces the new Object-Orientated Programming using Visual COBOL webinar series - tune in and skill up! [more]


Is ‘terminal decline’ affecting user efficiency?

Business Leaders: while your internal systems might be working just fine, the means of accessing them may be a different story. Jordan Ashman's latest blog looks at the challenges of effective customer service and how simple...[more]


DevDays 2014: A window into the future of COBOL

Jackie Anglin from Micro Focus invites you to come and see more about what Micro Focus mainframe and COBOL products can do. At a North American #DevDay near you [more]


Terminal Emulation & the magic of modernizing old applications

When I first joined Micro Focus I was lucky enough to sit through a number of product demos, the teams wanted me up to speed on what their stuff ‘did’. Up stepped ‘Rumba’. No – not Rumba the Latin American dance – this was a...[more]


Winning isn’t everything – but wanting to win right now is!

Micro Focus Marketing Operations Director Mark Plant reflects on making the final cut in the #MME14 Eloqua Markies awards - Best Social Campaign @MicroFocus @Mainframe50 [more]


COBOL and Micro Focus – investment that pays dividends

Every year, Micro Focus commits huge sums to R&D work. Derek Britton takes a look at what happens to these ‘invisible investments’ – and how they benefit our customers... [more]


Schools (almost) out for Summer! My work experience with Micro Focus

Food for thought Being a teenager, working in an office is portrayed as a job with minimal excitement or thrill. My experience is quite the contrary. I have been lucky enough to spend a week working in one and seeing the do’s and...[more]


Are you trapped by your legacy system?

Let’s start with the basics… How many of you reading this, feel trapped by a system that was created in the 1980s or earlier? How many of you feel that it is a necessary evil that you have to deal with day in and day out? Here’s...[more]


Beating the Backlog – Great idea #2 Reduce time spent on development

Often applied generically instead of case-specifically, the phrase ’IT Debt‘ is as widely-used as it is misunderstood. We prefer the term ‘IT Backlog’ but by any definition this represents a major operational challenge and,...[more]


The flammable Fed dollar: Money to burn?

Fire alert: Federal IT resources are going up in smoke … US Federal government agencies are reportedly spending 75% of their IT budgets on maintaining legacy systems.  That’s a $62 billion burn-down on outdated IT rather than...[more]


Beating the Backlog – Great idea #1

Run the Tests that fail first… In a previous blog we explored the operational challenges that IT organizations face – in this blog we’re going to dive into the one of those operational challenges, IT Backlog. Micro Focus...[more]


Language school: getting COBOL back in the classroom

This blog deconstructs the misconceptions around COBOL and addresses the ‘University Challenge’ of getting COBOL on the curriculum. The Micro Focus Academic Program is on a mission to create enough COBOL-savvy developers and...[more]


Newsletter Juni 2014

Sehr geehrte Delta-Interessenten,Anwendungsentwicklung, Software-Analyse, Modernisierung: Unsere Werkzeuge erleichtern Ihnen Ihre Arbeit. Einfacher entwickeln? Dazu haben wir ADS on Eclipse mit weiteren Funktionen ausgestattet....[more]


Core Values – Why We Need to Act Fast

Amid concerns over its ability to provide what the business needs, IT must tackle significant operational challenges to deliver more, and deliver it faster. This blog explores the current IT leadership predicament, and discusses...[more]


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann gießt Datenzugriffe in die perfekte Form

Mit seinem erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Modernisierungsprojekt hat HKM nicht nur die Wartbarkeit und Flexibilität der vorhandenen Anwendungssysteme erhöht, sondern gleichzeitig die Voraussetzung z Anwendungen in Java, C#, etc....[more]


AMELIO Logic Discovery - für COBOL

Es ist schwierig und kostspielig, große und komplexe Anwendungen zu verstehen. Das wirkliche Verständnis der Anwendungen ist jedoch entscheidend für viele Projekte im Rahmen der Modernisierung, des Outsourcings, der...[more]


Den Source-Code Ihrer Kunden verstehen - aber wie?

Dienstleister stehen bei Outsourcing- oder Refactoring-Projekten aller Art immer wieder vor den gleichen Fragen. Sie müssen die Anwendungen, den implementierten Source-Code ihrer Kunden verstehen Woher bekommen sie aktuelle...[more]


Neu: Noch mehr Komfort mit ADS on Eclipse 6.2

ADS on Eclipse bietet vielfältige Unterstützung bei der Wartung und Weiterentwicklung Ihrer ADS-Anwendungen unter einer einheitlichen Entwicklungsumgebung. Mit der Veröffentlichung von ADS on Eclipse 6.2 stehen Ihnen nun viele...[more]


When Applications Mean Business – Visual COBOL 2.2.1

  Changing a complex IT estate for the better can be anything but easy – but the value of those applications, and smarter ways of extracting that value, can make this a sound business bet, as Ed Airey explores. For many...[more]


IT Debt – Can IT Pay Its Own Way?

Introduction Coined a few years ago to help measure a specific industry trend, the phrase ’IT Debt‘ is now a de-facto  term in the IT world. A quick Google search shows, however, that it is not well defined, and the phrase is...[more]


Beyond Terminal Emulation: Rumba+ looking good with Award-winning usability

We always said it – and now we can prove it. Rumba+ really does represent a class-leading Terminal Emulation and User Interface modernization solution. . Good enough to have won a 2014 Product of the Year Award from Mobility Tech...[more]


‘Will you walk with me Grasshopper?’

‘Will you walk with me Grasshopper?’ asked Po in the legendary cult Martial Arts series Kung-Fu, starring the almost-as-legendary David Carradine. The term ‘Grasshopper’ refers to a novice, a greenhorn, a student/disciple, a...[more]


Karlsruher Entwicklertag 2014: Heimvorteil - Software-Qualität aus Deutschland!

Die Konferenz für Software-Entwicklung vom 21. bis 23. Mai 2014 an der IHK in Karlsruhe. 11 verschiedene Tracks, 6 Tutorials, 68 Beiträge, 4 Keynotes und 6 'Invited Talks'. Software-Qualität aus Deutschland ist pure...[more]


Developer Days: Applications and Andy Warhol

So, the current season of ten Developer Day events has just wound up, and now all the presentations are done and the prizes handed out – what are the take-outs for Micro Focus? Well, they can’t be measured in numbers alone....[more]


How does ‘David Moyes Syndrome’ relate to ‘legacy’ IT systems?

Put simply, David Moyes Syndrome is my attempt to put a name to the almost pathological urge that affects so many Premier league football clubs in a state of transition, namely the temptation to hit the panic button rather than...[more]


Making waves – the new Fed VP introduces himself

I’m penning this blog to introduce myself as the new Senior Vice President for Micro Focus’ Federal Business Unit.  What’s my pedigree? Work with NetIQ, which is now part of the Attachmate Corporation, BMC Software and NASA. My...[more]


Making the CIO a hero again

Spare a thought for the CIO. Maybe that means you. There was a time when who the CIO was, and what they did, was clear. He or she was the person who used ‘IT alchemy’ to create business benefits from technology. They were tech...[more]


Bring the Force to development efficiency

So are you a Star Wars or an Empire Strikes Back person? It’s not a new discussion and there are no answers. (Except that Star Wars is way better than Empire, right?) Well, it depends on your perspective. It’s like Net Express...[more]


Every blog has its day

… or why we’re moving away from whitepapers Imagine this. You have spent many thousands of dollars developing a software product or solution that resolves pain points for a rich portfolio of potential customers. They need...[more]


Code Generation 2014: MDSD – Lebe was Du lehrst!

Wir glauben, dass Software am besten modellgetrieben mit DSLs und Code Generatoren entwickelt wird. Aber Generatoren und DSLs selber werden selten modellgetrieben entwickelt. Diese Tatsache macht ihre Entwicklung zu einer...[more]


Microsoft beendet Support für Windows XP

Wie seit langem angekündigt, wird der Support von Windows XP durch Microsoft jetzt eingestellt. Lesen Sie dazu unsere Informationen darüber, was das für die Verwendung unserer Entwicklungswerkzeuge...[more]


Neu: ADS on Visual Studio

ADS on Visual Studio integriert die Delta ADS Entwicklungstools in die moderne Entwicklungsumgebung Microsoft Visual Studio. Die Verwendung unterschiedlicher Entwicklungsplattformen ist unkomfortabel und ineffizient. Viele...[more]


Logic Discovery: Information ist noch kein Wissen

„Information is not Knowledge“ wusste schon Frank Zappa. Diese Liedzeile lässt sich auch auf die Softwareentwicklung übertragen, denn auch für die Modernisierung oder Re-Implementierung, sowie die Wartung und...[more]


Kurz notiert...

Kurz notiert...Unsere Entwicklungswerkzeuge sind jetzt auch für Windows 8, 8.1 sowie Eclipse 4.3 „Kepler“ verfügbar. Hier finden Sie die Übersicht über die Produkt-Releases. [more]


Newsletter 20. Februar 2014

Sehr geehrter Delta Interessent möchten Sie Ihre COBOL- und PL/I-Anwendungen modernisieren oder mit Java, C# oder anderen modernen Sprachen neu implementieren? Das dafür notwendige Wissen steckt in den Anwendungen. Wir zeigen...[more]


The IBM mainframe 50th anniversary: Golden oldie or modern marvel?

We continue our reflections on the 50th anniversary of IBM’s first mainframe with a look at how this business mainstay has evolved and developed, despite predictions to the contrary [more]


Our Community

Where can you go to exchange ideas and collaborate with over 15000 peers?  The Micro Focus and Borland Community!  Where can you gather valuable information about the product you are using and view helpful product videos?  The...[more]


Accessing business value with Rumba – the customers’ view

In our Rumba blog series so far we have explored the history of terminal emulation, in our blog Terminal Emulation: A brand new view?, then looked at key trends shaping the workplace today (The future of the workplace: BYOD)....[more]


12 months of COBOL

As search giant Google releases its annual Zeitgeist report revealing the news stories and questions that got the world thinking in 2013, I thought I’d compile a Micro Focus view of the year for COBOL (which by the way, still...[more]


Frohe Weihnachten

Wir wünschen allen frohe Weihnachten,Zeit zur Entspannung und Besinnung sowieGesundheit, Erfolg und Glück für 2014. [more]


Our Amazing Grace

When a bright, 30-something persuaded the authorities to waive the restrictions on age and weight, and joined the US Navy in 1944, no-one could have foreseen the profound benevolent impact Grace Hopper would go on to have on...[more]

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